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Why buy our Infrared Heaters?

Our infrered heaters are considered by many to be the safest, healthiest, and most efficient heaters ever made. These energy slashing zone heaters incorporate a unique “patent pending duel heat exchange process,” producing “far infrared” soft heat “a natural penetrating heat” mimicking the full spectrum of our earth’s sun. This natural and safe penetrating soft heat is equivalent to standing in a sunbeam on a cold spring day that feels so good. Comments we regularly hear from our customers is that infrared heaters full spectrum sunshine heat literally penetrates clear to the bone that makes them feel so good. Our copper ionized zone heaters use a Direct Air heat exchange process, which is they save you even more money on your heating costs. It doesn’t cost to own an infrared heater, it pays for itself and then put dollars back into your pocket for years to come.

How do Infrared Heaters help keep me safer?

Little Girl, Safely Playing Near EdenPURE Heater

In the infrared heating process, electricity is used to generate far infrared light, combined with solid cured cooper which creates natures softer penetrating more efficient type of heat for ultimate comfort indoor living. Far infrared is the safest form of heat because it does not create carbon monoxide, fumes or harmful radiation. And most importantly, the infrared heat will not reach a burning temperature, which will not burn healthy levels of oxygen nor humidity. Children and pets are naturally drawn to infrared heaters natural heat and can touch it without getting burned. Pets are actually drawn to this heat because it is a natural source of heat, just like the sun heats the earth. Our exclusive soft heat not only heats the air, but also uses is absorbed into humidity which spreads our paradise type heat evenly from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall leaving NO cold air pockets. This penetrating heat becomes absorbed into the objects in the room, which then releases the heat after the unit turns off much like a solar panel. It is a perfectly balanced “ultimate human comfort” soft heat that keeps your toes as warm as the top of your head.

How are Infrared Heaters more energy efficient?

Thermal Imaging Comparison

The infrared heating processes combines unique patented solid copper heat exchangers with a quartz infrared heating source. The quartz infrared heating source uses less energy and will not reach a combustible or burning temperature, which causes dry itchy skin, and eyes and most importantly will not dry out the mucus in your nose. Many combution type heaters produce heat at combustion level with causes heat to instantly rise to the ceiling. This unnatural burning dry heat is not evenly distributed, is inefficient, dangerous and uncomfortable.

Infrared heaters do not use burning combustion type heat. Once the cooper heat exchangers absorb the infrared heat, it is carried into your living area by the existing humidity in the air. This causes the heat to travel rapidly and evenly throughout the room. Thermal imaging tests DOCUMENT PERFECTLY how infrared heaters efficiently distribute heat throughout the room versus the cheap inefficient combution heaters, which cause the hot dry heat to rise and build up on your ceiling.

Infrared heaters use less energy to create heat than many other sources. They can heat a room in minutes because it spreads the heat through using the humidity to cover a room quickly and evenly! Therefore, you can use zone heating by turning the whole house thermostat down as low as 60 degrees, but the room you are occupying will be warm and comfortable. When you move to another room (it moves easily on it's own wheels) it will quickly heat that room also. This can drastically cut heating bills.

What makes Infrared Heaters such a soft and healthy heat?

Man Relaxing in EdenPURE Warmth

The heat from an infrared heater is a “softer healthier heat” as well as the “ultimate human and pets” natural heat which is more comfortable, healthier and relaxing. Because infrared heat heats a room evenly from the floor to the ceiling your feet will be as warm as your head. Infrared heaters do not burn moisture from the air so it will not dry out your skin or your eyes like your typical combustion space heater or your furnace. Far Infrared heat also has many other proven health benefits: Far Infrared saunas work much like an infrared heater, and can increase the circulation in the body, which can help overall body function. Infrared waves can provide soothing relief from aches, pains, and tension.

An infrared heater is an investment that will last for years paying for it quickly and then puts the heat saving dollars back into your pocket. We offer infrared heaters that will stand the test of time. Our customer reviews stand as a testament to how our heaters continue to help slash heating bills while providing a safe and comfortable heat. And with our 30-day risk free trial guarantee, you don’t have to take a chance; if you don’t love it you don’t keep it, simply ship it back! We have a 100% money back guarantee! So what are you waiting for? Click on one of the links below to find YOUR far infrared heater loaded with my EXCLUSIVE FREE added value!